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4MATIONweb showcases the very best in 4MAT Lesson Planning.

This site includes seven sample 4MAT wheels to highlight the potential of this model. To access any one of these wheels, just select it from the menu on the right.

These wheels include all grade levels and content areas to profile how 4MAT works in these different areas. Every 4MAT lesson is officially endorsed by About Learning, the authors and creators of the 4MAT Method of Instruction. So, you can be assured that these lessons are of the best possible quality.

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4MATION Pricing and Site Licenses

The cost for a one-year subscription to this software is just $125.35 per teacher. Building, District, Group and Department site licenses are also available for organizations looking to collaborate and share on 4MAT development. Please call About Learning at (800) 822-4MAT to learn more or to schedule a group demonstration.

4MAT Lessons in the trial subscription

Math Wheels
  • Intro to Geometry (Intermediate Math)
  • Geometry Reasoning (MS Math)
  • Communication - Unit 1 in 4MAT 4 Algebra (HS Math).
Literature Wheels
  • A Man for All Seasons (High School Lit)
  • Red Kayak (MS Lit)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird (HS Lit)
Social Studies Wheels
  • Absolute Monarchs (HS Soc Studies)
  • Student's Rights (MS Soc Studies)
  • Civil Rights (MS Soc Studies
Science Wheels
  • Living/NonLiving Things (Intermediate Science)
  • Scientific Method (MS Science)
  • Recycling Unit on Waste Management (Intermediate Science)
  • Tropical Rain Forest (Primary Science
Music and Fine Arts Wheels
  • Patriotism Expressed through Music (HS Fine Arts)
  • Instrument Families (Music)
Language Arts and Reading Wheels
  • Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey (Primary LA)
  • Compare and Contrast
Study Skills Wheels
  • Time Management (HS)
Organizational Development Wheels
  • Perspectives on Organization (Adult)

Please call About Learning to explore options for becoming trained in designing lessons based on the 4MAT Process. These lessons will give you some insights, but will not prepare you for the skillful application of the 4MAT process in the classroom.

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A subscription to 4MATION provides step by step guidance in creating 4MAT wheels, access to weekly training and orientation sessions on the 4MAT process and its successful use, the ability to create and share your own designs, and the ability to align lessons to standards (for those buying an organizational site license).

4MATIONWeb includes access to a number of more complete 4MAT Wheels, that include attachments and guides for moving people through learning.

To give you some sense of what is offered in our 4MAT Lesson collection, here is an overview of the counts:

  • Math - 74
  • Science - 75
  • Language - 50
  • Literature - 33
  • Social Studies - 65

4MAT Curriculum Series Online

4MAT Courses are available for an added fee and these full-scale courses include complete Algebra, Biology and Geometry courses, including the key concepts comprising the delivery of these subjects, access to student activity guides and classroom exercises for renewing student interest and engagement in learning, creative project extensions for helping students apply learning in their own lives, and discussion guides for engaging students in meaningful discussions regarding the content being taught.

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