4MATION Curriculum Series

Content-Area upgrades for Algebra, Biology and Geometry Teachers!

Unlock the potential of 4MATION with the Curriculum Series

  • Comprehensive concept-based units that cover the entirety of your Algebra, Geometry and Biology Curriculum
  • The foundations of your subject area distilled into core umbrella concepts
  • Detailed teaching instructions
  • Complete student materials included
  • Guaranteed to engage learners and improve performance

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Your Premium Subscription Unveils a Proven and Comprehensive Curriculum Series

Designed to Enhance Existing Text

The 4MAT for Algebra Teaching Method is designed as a supplement to existing text. Throughout the program, instructions are provided for integrating text resources  with the units.

Making Connections to the Real World

Each unit plan is taught over a 2-3 week timeframe. Each unit connects to the real lives, interests and experiences of students. And each unit also provides actionable ways for students to make learning their own through individual applications and extensions of knowledge. Students learn best when they explore the significance of key ideas and integrate learning in their own unique ways and this course is organized around these key principles.

Based on Ten Overarching Concepts

The programs breaks Algebra I down to ten fundamental concepts:  Communication, Luck, Balance, Linear Relationships, Comparisons, Alternatives, Growth, Quadratic Relationships, Patterns, Modeling. These concepts pull together a host of disparate facts into a cohesive whole. They help students see the forest from the trees.

A Whole New Way of Teaching Geometry

When students are actively involved in learning, they are not just sitting and listening, they are at the center of learning performing creative tasks, having meaningful experiences that relate to their lives and by learning to adapt what they have learned into their daily lives.

If you are struggling to get your student to connect to math, and need a program that will raise student interest and appreciation in math, you should consider 4MAT 4 Geometry.

A more efficient content coverage: From isolated topics to essential ideas

4MAT 4 Geometry covers all of the standard content from a geometry course, including logic and reasoning, justification and proof, geometric objects (points,lines and planes), concepts of measurement and dimension, parallelism and perpendicularity, congruence, circles, area and volume, and topics pertaining to polygons.

But the content coverage is not what makes this unique. It is the way in which the information is delivered. Rather than having students move from isolated topic to isolated topic, it uses key concepts to help forge stronger connections to learning.

 4MAT 4 Biology starts with the identification of the Essential Biology Concepts.
It then uses 4MAT to actively engage learners in these concepts.

This program enhances any existing Biology curriculum with 9 conceptual 4MAT units and around-the-wheel activities and information delivery techniques. These key concepts help teachers navigate the sea of content comprising a high school biology course.